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Arbenita Mustafa

The study of lead exposure surrounding a lead smelter in occupants environmental health in Kosovo

AFRIM SYLA, Fatbardh Syla, Arbenita Mustafa

University of Prishtina Kosovo

     Abstract Number: 714
     Last modified: April 6, 2011

     Working Group: Health Related Aerosols

This research work investigates how indoor environmental quality influences the health, comfort of occupants and charachteristics of today`s environmental problems in Mitrovica- Republic of Kosovo. The city of Mitrovica, was the city of one the largest lead smelters in Europe. The most abundant air pollutant in this town and region is lead dust. Lead related industries are a major element of the economy of Kosovo, but create extensive health risks due to environmental pollution with lead and a variety of other substances. Approximately 100 000 people are exposed to lead emissions from the lead smelter, 60 000 of whom live in the highly exposed city area which lies at the convergence of the Ibar and Sitnica rivers.

Deposition of windblown contaminated dust, resulting in secondary contamination of nearby soils, crops and residential property represents a potentially significant exposure pathway. The environmental problems that have been discussed thus far differ depending on the regionís economic standard, and whether the area is urban or rural.

In the past, industrial pollution was dealt with by pinpointing the source and then taking measures, such as emission restrictions, for effective containment. The case study pointed out the need for more transformation in environmental governance. Airborne lead emissions from lead smelters have been repeatedly implicated as a health hazard to populations living in nearby communities. This project suggest that - it is feasible to reduce childhood lead absorption if adequate engineering steps are taken. I hope to develop this project improving environmental technology with sustainable development through the Clean Development Mechanism.

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