American Association for Aerosol Research - Abstract Submission

AAAR 35th Annual Conference
October 17 - October 21, 2016
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, Oregon, USA

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Modeling Aqueous Organic Aerosol Chemistry: Photosensitizers and the Oxidizing Power of the Aqueous Phase

V. FAYE MCNEILL, Wanyi Li, William Tsui, Alison Fankhauser, Nabil Khan, Kayane Dingilian, Hai-Lung Dai, Yi Rao, Columbia University

     Abstract Number: 120
     Working Group: Aerosol Chemistry

Light-absorbing organic species in atmospheric aerosols may act as photosensitizers, directly oxidizing organic species or forming oxidants such as HO2. This chemistry may contribute to the formation of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) material, but additional insight into the mechanisms and kinetics of these processes is required so that we may evaluate the relative importance of this pathway. We will present data and insight from laboratory studies of the photosensitizer chemistry of imidazole-2-carboxaldehyde and an analysis of published laboratory data for photosensitized SOA growth using our photochemical box model, GAMMA. GAMMA results demonstrating the potential impact of this chemistry in the environmental context will also be presented.