American Association for Aerosol Research - Abstract Submission

AAAR 35th Annual Conference
October 17 - October 21, 2016
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, Oregon, USA

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Modeling the Production of Secondary Organic Aerosol Material Via Photosensitized Reactions of Imidazole-2-carboxaldehyde

WILLIAM TSUI, V. Faye McNeill, Columbia University

     Abstract Number: 664
     Working Group: Aerosol Chemistry

We have used GAMMA, a photochemical box model with coupled, detailed gas-phase and aqueous-phase chemistry, to simulate the production of secondary organic aerosol material via photoactivated reactions of imidazole-2-carboxaldehyde (IC) in the presence of volatile organic compounds. We use kinetic parameters and mechanisms for IC aqueous reactions with VOCs and O$_2 based on our laboratory measurements, and compare modeling output to the laboratory data of Aregahegn et al. (Faraday Discuss., 2013). We show that SOA production via photosensitized pathways via IC primarily occurs at or near the particle surface. We report reactive uptake coefficients for laboratory and ambient conditions, and simulate IC-SOA production in the ambient environment.